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Commodity Indices

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Delivery Method


 IndexLastHighLowChg. %Time
 TR/CC CRB ex Energy TR313.58313.58313.580.00%04/02 
 TR/CC CRB Orange Juice1.94961.98131.94230.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Unleaded Gas10.361110.371110.1018+0.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Heating Oil10.357310.395810.1454+0.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB ex Energy ER161.42161.42161.420.00%04/02 
 TR/CC CRB Lean Hogs1.89851.94881.89760.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Aluminum12.324812.402312.32480.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Soybeans11.419911.487311.1481+0.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Coffee10.038410.07809.8534+0.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Copper11.564111.665511.50720.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Cotton10.460810.522210.3699+0.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Nickel2.01882.02122.01880.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Cocoa10.359410.499210.32450.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Sugar9.911810.00709.85830.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Wheat2.03272.04871.9625+0.00%18/06 
 TR/CC CRB Corn11.653311.829911.2497+0.00%18/06 
 BNP Paribas Global Agri TR422.10423.52413.710.00%29/04 
 S-Net ITG Agriculture USD8,775.188,954.938,754.25-1.83%05/12 
 SGI Commodities Optimix TR68.949568.949568.9495+0.00%25/10 
 Natural Gas Futures x3 Short Levera149.14160.53131.38+5.63%03/02 
 Risk Weighted Enhanced Commodity TR122.77122.78122.54+0.04%11:36:00 
 WTI Futures x3 Leveraged USD1.782.981.780.00%20/04 
 DJ Commodity1,007.941,008.461,005.45+0.08%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity All Metals Capped Component232.70232.80231.75+0.04%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Cocoa191.57192.62189.41-0.54%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Energy125.6846125.9647125.2217+0.08%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Gold651.69652.11647.86+0.57%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Grains319.90320.55319.59+0.08%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Heating Oil878.86879.80876.28+0.51%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Nickel651.58687.73649.91-3.96%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Lead429.07429.07424.91+0.98%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Industrial Metals183.37183.80182.73-0.26%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Zinc340.64344.51338.68-1.12%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Petroleum125.6197125.9104125.1415+0.01%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Unleaded Gasoline634.7522636.8064633.9031-0.15%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Sugar282.4468288.4309281.6489-1.94%10:38:00 
 DJ Commodity Softs207.6574207.8475207.5796-0.09%10:38:00 
 NQ Commodity Crude oil Index ER237.10245.15236.33-2.30%31/03 
 NQ Commodity Palladium Index ER3,920.643,927.523,885.621.98%31/03 
 NQ Commodity Silver Index ER688.33688.83671.021.64%31/03 
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