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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 HV Call Solactive Diabetes PerformaDEHV54.70.640-1.90%0.31K14/02 
 BNP Call MSCI Colombia 31Dec99DEAA2R.33.600-2.97%001:20:56 
 GS Call ISHARES A50 Index 31Dec99DEGS3P.15.9500.00%001/01 
 HV Call NIKKEI 225 31Dec99DEHV1N.22.590-1.40%001:27:06 
 SG Call Solactive Social NetworksDESG10.553.690-2.69%001:27:01 
 Vontobel Call Solactive China AutomDEVT0W.182.580-1.64%001:54:31 
 BNP ZT WTI Rohol WTI Crude OilDEABN4.10.840+0.74%001:20:56 
 CB ZT DB Long x2 31Dec99DECZ24.2.120+2.42%001:58:23 
 HSBC Call 5.5 EUR E.ON AG 31Dec99DETD6N.8.000+1.78%002:00:30 
 BNP Call ZAR USD/ZARDEAA0K.3.700-0.80%001:20:43 
 BNP ZT DAXplus MV Germany TRDEAA0K.74.090+0.45%001:20:14 
 GS ZT S P Global Timber Forestry TRDEGS0T.292.4400.00%001/01 
 HV Call ShortTecDAX 31Dec99DEHV5T.7.780+0.52%001:32:54 
 SG ERIX DJ Renewable Energy TRDESG1E.146.800-0.14%210.0001:05:15 
 Faktor 1x Long Zertifikat VIX SGDECU0A.0.061+1.67%001:19:23 
 DZ Bank Zentral Brent Crude OilDEDZ0C.86.930+0.68%001:35:10 
 CB ZT Deutsche Boerse 31Dec99DECZ24.877.340-0.15%001:50:06 
 HSBC Call 72.66 EUR SAP AG 31Dec99DETD7X.0.870-3.33%002:00:32 
 Bayerische DAX Index 0.01 31Dec99DEHV72.152.440-1.38%024/01 
 BNP ZT HANG SENG 31Dec99DE6859.157.870-0.27%001:20:19 
 HSBC Call 1974.8545 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE9606.152.220-0.20%002:00:20 
 HV Call Solactive BRIC E-Commerce PDEHV1B.20.010+0.55%001:28:50 
 SG ZT SGI Global Nanotechnology TRDESG0D.251.870-0.76%001:40:51 
 Faktor 1x Long Zertifikat VSTOXXDECU0A.2.290-7.66%029/03 
 DZ ZT Gold 31Dec99DEDZ0B.225.080+0.81%001:35:35 
 CB ZT Deutsche Post Long x3 31Dec99DECZ24.536.030+1.08%001:22:43 
 ING Call 3.731 EUR E.ON AG 31Dec99DENG16.10.270+1.48%001:35:11 
 Bayerische DAX Index 31Dec99DEHY1Y.17,733.131-0.26%001:36:51 
 BNP ZT MSCI Daily TR Net EM IndonesDEAA12.139.150-1.85%001:20:21 
 HSBC Call 3417.4547 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE9638.133.890-0.22%002:00:20 
 HV Call Solactive Deutscher MaschinDEHV3D.20.190-0.05%001:28:12 
 SG ZT SGI Global Waste Managemen TRDESG02.361.700+0.53%001:10:49 
 Faktor 1x Short Zertifikat auf VIXDECU0A.9.210-2.54%001:13:19 
 DZ ZT Gold Endlos 31Dec99DEDZ0B.193.780+1.02%001:34:49 
 CB ZT E.ON Long x2 31Dec99DECZ24.26.940+2.47%001:00:33 
 Vontobel Call 24.5 EUR UnileverDEVZ63.2.430+2.10%001:54:26 
 BNP Call 2457 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE7217.146.070-0.13%001:50:16 
 BNP ZT RBS AUD TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.189.150-0.06%001:20:14 
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