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Name Timeframe Reliability Pattern Candle #
Emerging Patterns
Nasdaq 10. Futures 1W Harami Bearish Current
Bitcoin 1W Engulfing Bearish Current
Apple 1W Harami Bearish Current
Gold 1W Harami Bullish Current
Natural Gas 1H Falling Three Methods Current
Ethereum 30 Bullish doji Star Current
Apple 30 Bullish Engulfing Current
Apple 15 Three Outside Up Current
Crude Oil WTI 15 Inverted Hammer Current
Completed Patterns
Dow Jones. Futures 1M Harami Bullish 1
Crude Oil WTI 1W Falling Three Methods 1
Crude Oil WTI 1W Three Outside Down 1
Natural Gas 1D Three Inside Up 1
Crude Oil WTI 1D Three Inside Up 1
Dollar In. Futures 1D Three White Soldiers 1
Crude Oil WTI 5H Three Outside Up 1
Crude Oil WTI 1H Three Outside Up 1
EUR/USD 30 Bullish Hammer 1
Bitcoin 30 Harami Bullish 1
Apple 15 Bullish Engulfing 1
S&P 500 Futures 1M Falling Three Methods 2
Crude Oil WTI 1M Bullish doji Star 2
GBP/USD 1M Doji Star Bearish 2
Bitcoin 1W Advance Block Bearish 2
Crude Oil WTI 1W Engulfing Bearish 2
EUR/USD 1D Bullish doji Star 2
Tesla 1D Doji Star Bearish 2
Gold 1D Harami Cross 2
Gold 1D Homing Pigeon 2
Natural Gas 5H Bullish Engulfing 2
Crude Oil WTI 5H Bullish Engulfing 2
PSEi Composite 5H Bullish doji Star 2
PSEi Composite 5H Dragonfly Doji 2
Ethereum 5H Engulfing Bearish 2
Bitcoin 5H Engulfing Bearish 2
Natural Gas 1H Bullish Engulfing 2
Bitcoin 30 Engulfing Bearish 2
Ethereum 30 Engulfing Bearish 2
Natural Gas 1M Bullish Engulfing 3
Dow Jones. Futures 1M Three Outside Up 3
GBP/USD 1M Three Inside Up 3
Gold 1W Deliberation Bearish 3
S&P 500 Futures 1W Hanging Man 3
Dow Jones. Futures 1W Engulfing Bearish 3
EUR/USD 1W Three Outside Up 3
Gold 1D Three Outside Down 3
Bitcoin 5H Rising Three Methods 3
Crude Oil WTI 5H Harami Cross Bearish 3
Tesla 30 Three Outside Up 3
Crude Oil WTI 15 Harami Bearish 3
Ethereum 15 Three Outside Down 3
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