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Delivery Method


 IndexLastHighLowChg. %Time
 TR UK 10 Years Government Benchmark833.755833.755833.7550.00%21/06 
 FTSE Actuaries Govt Securities UK Linked over 5 ye518.20518.20518.20-0.07%21/06 
 Short Treas 7-10T83.5583.5583.55-0.37%31/05 
 SGI Double Short 10Y US Treasuries81.4681.4681.46+0.00%25/10 
 TR US 10 Year Government Benchmark594.017594.017594.0170.00%21/06 
 TR Canada 10 Years Government Benchmark837.884837.884837.8840.00%21/06 
 TR Canadian Corporate All Bond 5 10 Y292.364292.364292.364-0.28%20/06 
 TR Canadian Corporate All Bond 7 10 Y298.594298.594298.594-0.36%20/06 
 TR Canadian All Bond 5 10 Y241.954241.954241.954-0.35%20/06 
 TR Canadian Corporate All Bond 10+ Y338.584338.584338.584-0.67%20/06 
 TR Canadian Financial All Bond 10+ Y336.845336.845336.845-0.48%20/06 
 TR Canadian All Bond 10+ Y289.143289.143289.143-0.73%20/06 
 TR Canadian Financial All Bond 5 10 Y281.085281.085281.085-0.27%20/06 
 TR Canadian All Bond 7 10 Y249.886249.886249.886-0.39%20/06 
 TR Canadian Financial All Bond 7 10 Y297.376297.376297.376-0.35%20/06 
 TR Canadian Government All Bond 5 10 Y203.972203.972203.972-0.37%20/06 
 TR Canadian Government All Bond 7 10 Y215.479215.479215.479-0.41%20/06 
 TR Canadian Government All Bond 10+ Y246.244246.244246.244-0.87%20/06 
 TR Canadian Industrial All Bond 5 10 Y302.792302.792302.792-0.29%20/06 
 TR Canadian Industrial All Bond 7 10 Y308.666308.666308.666-0.37%20/06 
 TR Canadian Industrial All Bond 10+ Y342.110342.110342.110-0.71%20/06 
 TR Canadian Provincial All Bond 5 10 Y253.527253.527253.527-0.35%20/06 
 TR Canadian Provincial All Bond 7 10 Y259.160259.160259.160-0.38%20/06 
 TR Canadian Provincial All Bond 10+ Y291.235291.235291.235-0.71%20/06 
 TR Sweden 10 Years Government Benchmark1,012.1941,012.1941,012.1940.00%21/06 
 TR Italy 10 Years Government Benchmark1,111.1971,111.1971,111.1970.00%21/06 
 TR Switzerland 10 Years Government Benchmark368.840368.840368.8400.00%21/06 
 Nifty GS 10Yr2,334.222,334.572,332.57+0.06%21/06 
 Nifty 10 Year Benchmark G Sec Clean Price879.98880.11879.35+0.04%21/06 
 DBAG Eurogov Germany 5-10 PR104.55104.81104.52-0.25%20/06 
 DBAG Eurogov Germany 10+ PR107.21107.94107.13-0.69%20/06 
 DBAG Eurogov Germany 1-10 PR86.9887.1286.96-0.15%20/06 
 EB REXX Germany 5.5-10.5 PR114.35114.48114.14-0.14%20/06 
 TR Germany 10 Years Government Benchmark554.916554.916554.9160.00%21/06 
 EUROGOV Fance 1-10Y Price80.747780.766080.6400+0.18%22/03 
 Eb.Rexx Government Germany 5.5-10.5 TR215.6636216.4530215.5830+0.13%21/06 
 TR Netherlands 10 Years Government Benchmark615.854615.854615.8540.00%21/06 
 Deut Börse EUROGOV France 5-10 TR231.45231.54230.88+0.30%22/03 
 TR France 10 Years Government Benchmark733.351733.351733.3510.00%21/06 
 Tel Gov - CPI Linked 5-10363.3364.2363.0-0.11%20/06 
 Tel Gov - CPI Linked 10+350.8352.8350.2-0.33%20/06 
 Tel Gov - Shekel 5+571.6575.9571.3-0.51%20/06 
 TR Denmark 10 Years Government Benchmark747.865747.865747.8650.00%21/06 
 TR Australia 10 Years Government Benchmark1,294.8911,294.8911,294.8910.00%21/06 
 TR Spain 10 Years Government Benchmark1,159.7991,159.7991,159.7990.00%21/06 
 TR Ireland 10 Years Government Benchmark834.073834.073834.0730.00%21/06 
 TR Belgium 10 Years Government Benchmark768.829768.829768.8290.00%21/06 
 TR Japan 10 Years Government Benchmark317.006317.006317.0060.00%21/06 
 SSE Enterprise Bond240.98240.98240.96+0.01%21/06 
 SSE Convertible Bond346.70348.78346.26-0.56%21/06 
 SSE CB 30173.38173.38173.38+0.01%21/06 
 SSE Credit Bond 100190.88190.89190.730.01%21/06 
 Shanghai SE Treasury Bond213.63213.68213.600.01%21/06 
 SSE 5-Year Credit Bond239.41239.41239.40+0.01%21/06 
 TR Portugal 10 Years Government Benchmark862.290862.290862.2900.00%21/06 
 TR New Zealand 10 Years Government Benchmark946.598946.598946.5980.00%21/06 
 TR Greece 10 Years Government Benchmark363.110363.110363.1100.00%21/06 
 Tadawul Sukuk & Bonds890.39890.39887.80+0.29%13/06 
 TR Poland 10 Years Government Benchmark431.337431.337431.3370.00%21/06 
 TR Austria 10 Years Government Benchmark655.118655.118655.1180.00%21/06 
 TR Czech Republic 10 Years Government Benchmark307.488307.488307.4880.00%21/06 
 TR Norway 10 Years Government Benchmark556.779556.779556.7790.00%21/06 
 TR Finland 10 Years Government Benchmark694.294694.294694.2940.00%21/06 
 TR Eurozone 10 Years Government Benchmark239.996239.996239.9960.00%21/06 
 TR Hungary 10 Years Government Benchmark539.470539.470539.4700.00%21/06 
 TR South Africa 10 Years Government Benchmark1,081.0631,081.0631,081.0630.00%21/06 
 SBI Foreign AAA-BBB 5-10 TR140.31140.51139.84+0.34%21/06 
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