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Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D.

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Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D. is a historian of the global energy industry and consults for businesses in various industries on the confluence of energy markets and geopolitics, including oil pricing, energy policy, alternative energies, OPEC, and political economy.  Her analyses are based on the principle that any energy evaluation requires assessment of the international government, industry, political, and economic interests at hand. She is the president and founder of Transversal Consulting, an energy and geopolitics firm and is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council.
Dr. Wald’s new book, “Saudi, Inc.” tells the history of Saudi Arabia through the central figure of Aramco.  It explains how common misunderstandings about Saudi Arabia and Aramco hinder global financial and diplomatic decisions. 
She was the Bernard L. Majewski Fellow in Economic Geology at the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming and on faculty at the University of Georgia.  She currently teaches Middle East history and policy at Jacksonville University.  She has lectured and spoken across the U.S., U.K., and Middle East and has appeared on TV and radio on three continents. She has been featured in the BBC History Magazine and interviewed by CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NPR, the Guardian, and others. 
You can order her book here.  Join her weekly newsletter for unique insights and innovative ideas about the global energy industry and follow her on twitter @EnergzdEconomy. 

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