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Andorra - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mak Fund Russian Combined0P0000.149.258+0.60%24/06 
 Olymp Fund Atlant0P0000.402.648+8.71%24/06 

Austria - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 MOZART one A0P0000.150.690-1.54%33.31M04/07 
 MOZART one T0P0000.174.040-1.54%11.3M04/07 

Belgium - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 DPAM INVEST B - Equities Euroland F Cap USD Hedged0P0001.293.900+0.09%923.55M04/07 

Cayman Islands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund (NON-US) A USD0P0001.1,358.243-6.13%11.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund A USD0P0000.1,358.339-6.13%11.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund (NON-US) B USD0P0001.1,412.126-6.11%11.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund B USD0P0000.1,412.281-6.11%11.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund A CHF0P0001.1,318.680-6.68%10.8M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund (NON-US) B CHF0P0001.1,155.873-6.65%10.8M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund B CHF0P0001.1,155.873-6.65%10.8M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund (NON-US) A CHF0P0001.1,318.681-6.68%10.8M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund (NON-US) A EUR0P0001.1,268.813-8.11%9.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund A EUR0P0001.1,268.811-8.11%9.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund (NON-US) B EUR0P0001.1,223.242-8.09%9.84M31/05 
 AFC Asia Frontier Fund B EUR0P0001.1,223.241-8.09%9.84M31/05 
 AFC Iraq Fund (NON-US) D USD0P0001.686.090-7.06%2.39M31/05 
 AFC Iraq Fund (NON-US) E USD0P0001.700.493-7.04%2.39M31/05 

Denmark - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ProCapture Pacific incl. Canada ex. Japan Index Fu0P0001.145.220+0.26%446.23M04/07 
 ProCapture Pacific incl. Canada ex. Japan Index Fu0P0001.126.320+1.39%527.23M04/07 
 Danske Invest USA KL DKK h0P0000.225.740+0.99%276.67M04/07 
 Maj Invest Global Sundhed0P0000.198.050+0.76%628.59M04/07 
 Danske Invest Europa Akk klasse DKK h0P0000.261.920+0.74%474.29M04/07 
 Danske Invest Global Indeks Akk KL DKK h0P0000.317.010+0.96%1.29B04/07 
 ProCapture Pacific incl. Canada ex. Japan Index Fu0P0001.12.630-0.16%52.95M04/07 
 Danske Invest Engros Global StockPicking Restricte0P0000.167.440+1.61%19.34M04/07 
 ProCapture USA Index Fund, osuuslaji EUR W h0P0001.17.360+1.28%42.58K04/07 
 AP Meget Stor Aktieandel0P0000.355.803+0.46%01/07 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PYN Elite Fund0P0000.438.482-0.68%713.23M04/07 
 Fourton Fiesta0P0000.152.880-0.41%11.83M04/07 
 Fourton Tempo0P0000.204.310+0.86%8.14M04/07 
 Hcp Quant0P0001.130.510+5.11%7.71M31/05 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Union Indiciel Amérique 500 C0P0000.526.380+0.94%414.71M01/07 
 LCL Actions Monde hors Europe FCP D0P0000.111.430+0.92%341.95M01/07 
 LCL Actions USA ISR (Euro) C0P0000.346.860+0.99%115.76M01/07 
 Federal Apal P0P0000.401.560-0.34%118.41M01/07 
 Union Indiciel Japon 225 C0P0000.196.800+0.82%82.36M04/07 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mediolanum Best Brands European Collection SHA EUR0P0000.13.106-0.52%454.16M01/07 
 Invesco Europa Core Aktienfonds0P0000.165.030+0.92%72.26M04/07 
 HMT Global Antizyklik I0P0001.101.790-0.26%49.72M04/07 
 Value Partnership I0P0001.144.390-0.46%23.85M04/07 
 Value Partnership P0P0001.140.840-0.45%23.85M04/07 
 World Market Fund R0P0000.164.920-0.03%17.53M04/07 
 inprimo AktienSpezial0P0000.92.430+0.57%18.77M04/07 

Hong Kong - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 JPMorgan Pacific Technology (PRC) (acc) - RMBH96806111.770-0.84%6.59B04/07 
 JPMorgan Pacific Securities Fund (PRC) (acc) - RMB0P0001.19.400-0.36%4.53B04/07 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mercer Passive Global Equity Fund M5 JPY Hedged0P0001.17,593.980-1.58%3.01B30/11 
 Mercer Sustainable Global Equity Fund A1 H 0.0200 0P0001.12,060.220+0.09%1.41B04/07 
 Mercer Low Volatility Equity Fund A1 0.0200 JPY Ac0P0001.11,440.880+0.36%1.12B04/07 
 Mercer Low Volatility Equity Fund M-1 JPYHAcc0P0001.12,018.190+0.36%1.12B04/07 
 Mercer Passive Sustainable Global Equity UCITS CCF0P0001.11,349.270+0.17%2.77B04/07 
 Mercer Global listed infrastructure Fund A1 H 0.020P0001.12,578.220-0.05%454.19M04/07 
 Mercer Passive Global Equity Fund M1 NOK Hedged0P0001.1,276.560+0.33%3.01B04/07 
 Mercer Low Volatility Equity Fund A13 0.3200 NOK A0P0001.1,105.270+0.35%1.12B04/07 
 Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund EUR Hedged Acc0P0000.24.392+0.24%12.18B04/07 
 Mercer Passive Sustainable Global Equity UCITS CCF0P0001.1,196.350+0.17%2.77B04/07 
 Vanguard U.S. 500 Stock Index Fund Institutional E0P0000.27.880+0.01%9.11B04/07 
 Polar Capital Funds PLC - Polar Capital Global Tec0P0001.24.500-0.81%41.32M01/07 
 Polar Capital Funds PLC - Polar Capital Global Tec0P0001.16.590-0.84%86.86M01/07 
 Polar Capital Funds PLC - Polar Capital Global Tec0P0001.17.030-0.82%70.51M01/07 
 Federated Hermes Global Emerging Markets Equity Fu0P0001.2.042+0.42%4.49B04/07 
 Comgest Growth Europe USD I H Acc0P0001.46.830+0.21%3.87B01/07 
 Mercer Passive Fundamental Indexation Global Equit0P0001.113.330+0.28%1.46B04/07 
 Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth Fund EUR Clas0P0001.9.610+0.84%3.36B01/07 
 Mercer Passive Global Equity Fund M6 USD Hedged0P0001.151.108+2.38%3.01B01/02 
 Mercer Passive Global Equity Fund M1 USD Hedged0P0001.142.320+0.30%3.01B04/07 

Israel - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Kesem KTF S&P500 Index Neutralized Forex0P0001.178.99-0.89%1.23B30/06 
 Altshuler Shaham Dev Mkts Protctd Forex0P0001.143.050-1.26%1.18B30/06 
 Tachlit TTF S&P 500 Hedged0P0001.177.090-0.91%507.01M30/06 
 MTF TR S&P 500 Currency Hedged0P0001.134.630-0.89%484.29M30/06 
 Kesem KTF Nasdaq 100 Forex Neutralized0P0001.197.320-1.36%459.71M30/06 
 Altshuler Shaham Forex Protectd Glbl Eq0P0000.138.960-1.19%431.83M30/06 
 Kesem KTF Morningstar Wide Moat0P0001.213.49-1.20%310.79M30/06 
 Harel HTF S&P 500 Currency-Hedged0P0001.134.250-0.90%305.04M30/06 
 Tachlit TTF ISE Cyber Security Hedged0P0001.131.840+1.25%298.63M30/06 
 Meitav Investments0P0000.349.920+0.28%274.43M30/06 
 I.B.I Forex Hedged USA Basket0P0001.203.560-1.01%266.51M30/06 
 MTF Indxx Global Medic Devices USD Hdgd0P0001.112.590+1.76%242.38M30/06 
 Tachlit TTF NASDAQ 100 Hedged0P0001.236.890-1.37%231.17M30/06 
 I.B.I. Global Equity0P0000.176.940+0.26%192.13M30/06 
 MTF US Aerospace & Defense-Forex Hedged0P0001.140.080+1.57%188.95M30/06 
 MTF TR Indxx US Cloud Comp Curr Hedged0P0001.131.170-2.43%185.76M30/06 
 Harel HTF S&P Technology Currency hedged0P0001.1,190.380-1.41%182.56M30/06 
 Harel HTF Cmp Foreign Eq Mnth Crr Hdg0P0001.22,973.690-0.95%182.45M30/06 
 KSM KTF S&P Technology Currency Hedged0P0001.184.980-1.37%146.25M30/06 
 Kabin Global Equity0P0001.184.630-0.58%146.01M30/06 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mediolanum Best Brands Equity Power Coupon Collect0P0000.8.879-0.57%642.67M01/07 
 Threadneedle Lux - Global Technology Class AEH EUR0P0000.57.134-0.96%505.17M01/07 
 Asian Managers Selection Fund I0P0000.688,168-0.28%36.74M31/05 
 Asian Managers Selection Fund A0P0000.551,493-0.34%36.74M31/05 
 Asian Managers Selection Fund D0P0001.363,257-0.30%36.74M31/05 
 Asian Managers Selection Fund B0P0001.976,620-0.24%36.74M31/05 

Liechtenstein - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Ticaret Greater Turkey Fund Acc0P0000.580.160-7.18%8.03M28/02 
 plant-a-tree fund EUR0P0000.2,771.650+0.71%6.78M01/07 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Funds Global Dividend Fund A Acc HUF (h0P0000.5,504.000+0.82%13.59B04/07 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Europe Equ0P0000.73,856.320+0.26%5.05B04/07 
 Fidelity Funds - European Dynamic Growth Fund A-Ac0P0001.5,989.000+0.20%6.45B04/07 
 Fidelity Funds - America Fund A-Acc-HUF (hedged)0P0000.5,367.000+1.67%3.64B04/07 
 Templeton Asian Growth Fund N(acc)HUF0P0000.199.510+0.89%841.36B04/07 
 JPMorgan Investment Funds Europe Strategic Divid0P0001.39,758.250+0.33%702.3M04/07 
 Fidelity Funds Global Dividend Fund A Acc CZK (h0P0000.1,727.000+0.82%4.82B04/07 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportuni0P0001.376.730+0.21%8.94B04/07 
 AB FCP I American Growth Portfolio AD ZAR H Inc0P0001.216.680+0.80%6.04B01/07 
 Templeton Asian Growth Fund A(acc)CZK H10P0000.96.470+0.25%52.42B04/07 
 UBS (Lux) Equity Fund China Opportunity (USD) P 0P0001.2,085.870+0.72%6.24B04/07 
 Vontobel Fund - Global Equity H (hedged) SEK0P0000.163.010+0.49%3.15B01/07 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund Allianz Europe Equ0P0001.4,193.060+0.16%769.21M04/07 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund Allianz Europe Equ0P0001.4,120.350+0.16%769.21M04/07 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Asian Opport0P0000.61.932+0.65%5.98B04/07 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Systematic Global Equity 0P0001.82.770+0.53%1.71B04/07 
 Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund N(acc)PLN H10P0000.35.480-0.53%27.15B04/07 
 Schroder International Selection Fund US Large Cap0P0001.1,844.993-0.36%2.32B01/07 
 Janus Henderson Horizon Global Technology Fund A2 0P0001.762.330-0.20%22.67M04/07 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Asian Total 0P0000.821.708+0.67%4.78B04/07 

Mauritius - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 India Value Investments Ltd £LP6701.6.310-0.32%15.94M04/07 

Norway - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Klp Aksjeglobal Indeks Iv A0P0000.2,723.927+0.69%30.33B01/07 
 Klp Aksjeglobal Indeks Ii0P0000.3,055.738+0.69%30.33B01/07 
 Klp Aksjeglobal Indeks Iii0P0000.3,011.169+0.69%30.33B01/07 
 Nordea Global Ii0P0000.3,088.102+0.32%22.08B02/09 
 Nordea Stabile Aksjer Global0P0000.3,348.428+1.25%12.48B01/07 
 Dnb Global Marked Valutasikret0P0000.190.407+0.69%3.09B01/07 
 Klp Aksjeusa Indeks Ii0P0000.2,923.083+1.14%1.49B01/07 
 Klp Aksjeusa Indeks Iv0P0001.1,698.705+1.14%1.49B01/07 
 Klp Aksjeeuropa Indeks Ii0P0000.1,949.448+0.56%1.23B04/07 
 Klp Aksjeeuropa Indeks Iv0P0001.1,403.461+0.56%1.23B04/07 
 Holberg Triton A0P0001.184.400+0.73%570.43M04/07 
 Holberg Triton B0P0001.195.255+0.74%570.43M04/07 
 Klp Aksjeasia Indeks Iv.0P0001.1,498.163+1.19%496.13M04/07 
 Klp Aksjeasia Indeks Ii0P0000.1,434.963+1.19%496.13M04/07 
 Klp Aksjeglobal Lavbeta Ii0P0001.1,755.610+0.56%334.41M01/07 
 Fram Global0P0000.235.000-1.67%66.31M01/07 

Philippines - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Philippine Stock Index Fund0P0000.718.870+2.03%8.91B20:00:00 
 Metro Equity Fund0P0000.2.084+0.27%5.02B04/07 
 Bpi Equity Fund0P0000.138.920+2.07%4.12B20:00:00 
 Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Portfolio0P0000.500.123+0.35%692.07M04/07 
 Filipino Fund Inc0P0000.5.5000%13:00:00 
 Bpi Global Equity Fund0P0000.408.820+0.14%172.4M04/07 
 Rizal Equity Fund0P0000.3.144+0.32%04/07 
 Sun Life Of Canada Prosperity Philippine Equity Fu0P0000.3.175+0.28%04/07 
 Bdo Institutional Equity Fund0P0000.4,203.009+2.03%20:00:00 
 First Metro Save And Learn Equity Fund0P0000.4.503+0.20%13:00:00 
 Philequity Fund0P0000.31.216+0.25%13:00:00 
 Atr-kim Eng Equity Opportunity Fund0P0000.2.730+0.06%13:00:00 
 Pnb High Dividend Fund0P0001.1.327-0.34%04/07 
 Philequity Pse Index Fund0P0000.4.229+0.29%13:00:00 
 Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund0P0000.371.230+2.05%20:00:00 
 Pnb Enhanced Phil-index Reference Fund0P0000.1.441+0.29%04/07 
 Philam Strategic Growth Fund0P0000.427.670+0.17%13:00:00 
 Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund0P0000.110.610+2.01%20:00:00 
 Bdo Equity Fund0P0000.362.873+1.94%20:00:00 
 Odyssey Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Fund0P0000.11.360-1.13%04/07 

Poland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Allianz Selektywny0P0000.101.160+0.29%456.76M01/07 
 Investor Infrastruktury i Informatyki A0P0000.147.630+0.70%298.28M01/07 
 Pioneer Surowców i Energii0P0000.7.940-1.00%208.82M01/07 
 Arka BZ WBK Akcji TureckichLP6509.33.500+0.09%169.65M01/07 
 Arka Platinum Dynamiczny0P0000.55.890-0.04%115.73M10/03 
 Pioneer Akcji Malych i Srednich Spólek Rynków Rozw0P0000.12.690-0.16%84.85M01/07 
 Investor Indie i Chiny A0P0000.299.720+0.88%84.5M01/07 
 Amplico Sub Akcji Chinskich i Azjatyckich A0P0000.11.8400.00%57.01M01/07 
 Investor Top 50 Malych i Srednich Spólek FIO A0P0000.53.940+1.18%41.07M01/07 
 PZU FIO Akcji NOWA EUROPA A0P0000.46.830+0.34%42.78M01/07 
 PZU FIO Akcji NOWA EUROPA B0P0000.46.850+0.34%42.78M01/07 
 PZU FIO Akcji NOWA EUROPA I0P0000.46.830+0.34%42.78M01/07 
 PZU FIO Akcji NOWA EUROPA IKE0P0000.47.910+0.36%42.78M01/07 
 Investor Agrobiznes A0P0000.198.660+0.62%26.13M01/07 
 Amplico Sub Akcji Rynków Wschodzacych A0P0000.7.780-0.38%19.86M01/07 
 BPH Akcji Europy Wschodzacej (PLN) Acc0P0000.61.650-0.03%13.49M01/07 
 BPH Akcji Globalny Acc0P0000.188.760+0.20%11.47M01/07 
 BPH Akcji Europy Wschodzacej (EUR) Acc0P0000.13.070-0.83%2.91M01/07 
 Caspar Central and Eastern European Equity S Acc0P0000.231.250-0.19%13/08 

Singapore - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Funds America Fund SR Acc SGD (hedged)0P0001.2.489+1.63%5.41B04/07 
 Prulink China-India Fd0P0000.3.862+0.33%1B01/07 
 LionGlobal Malaysia Fund SGD0P0000.1.816-1.25%9.09M04/07 

South Africa - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Coronation Resources0P0000.270.797+2.54%1.96B04/07 
 Investec Commodity Fund A0P0000.49.714+1.81%1.73B04/07 
 Investec Commodity Fund C0P0000.49.603+1.80%1.73B04/07 
 Investec Commodity Fund R0P0000.49.808+1.82%1.73B04/07 
 Investec Commodity Fund B0P0000.49.715+1.81%1.73B04/07 
 Sanlam Investment Management Industrial Fund A0P0000.224.085+1.40%1.28B04/07 
 Sanlam Investment Management Industrial Fund R0P0000.228.834+1.41%1.28B04/07 
 Sanlam Investment Management Industrial Fund B10P0000.213.101+1.40%1.28B04/07 
 Investec Commodity Fund I0P0000.49.819+1.82%1.73B04/07 
 Old Mutual Gold Fund R0P0000.12.376+3.47%1.01B04/07 
 Old Mutual Gold Fund A0P0000.11.982+3.47%1.01B04/07 
 Nedgroup Investments Mining and Resource Fund A0P0000.40.134+2.64%926.72M04/07 
 Nedgroup Investments Mining and Resource Fund R0P0000.40.294+2.64%926.72M04/07 
 Investec Commodity Fund H0P0000.49.789+1.82%1.73B04/07 
 Coronation Industrial Fund P0P0000.201.734+1.19%688.3M04/07 
 Momentum Financials Fund A0P0000.5.582+1.21%401.78M04/07 
 Momentum Financials Fund B10P0000.5.580+1.20%401.78M04/07 
 Momentum Financials Fund B30P0000.5.585+1.22%401.78M04/07 
 Momentum Financials Fund B20P0000.5.584+1.21%401.78M04/07 
 BCI Value Fund B0P0001.1.131+0.17%420.53M04/07 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds - Global Opportuni0P0000.58.020+0.19%8.94B04/07 
 Pictet - Robotics HP EUR0P0001.168.000+0.71%6.17B01/07 
 CS Invm Fds 2 - Credit Suisse Lux Global Security 0P0000.27.060+1.54%2.81B01/07 
 Vontobel Fund - Emerging Markets Equity H EUR0P0000.169.750-0.92%1.39B04/07 
 AXA World Funds - Framlington Robotech A Capitalis0P0001.121.110-0.57%1.22B01/07 
 Dunas Seleccion Usa Cubierto I Fi0P0001.21.172+1.04%315.86M01/07 
 Multifondo Amorica A FI0P0000.23.281-1.61%171.77M30/06 
 BBVA Bolsa ondice USA Cubierto FI0P0000.23.064+1.04%68.39M01/07 
 Deep Value International FI0P0001.11.013+0.55%49.81M01/07 
 Caixabank Bolsa USA Divisa Cubierta Extra FI0P0001.7.554+0.99%45.49M01/07 
 Caixabank Bolsa USA Divisa Cubierta FI0P0001.10.545+0.99%45.49M01/07 
 Ibercaja Sector Inmobiliario B FI147196.28.46-1.18%18.96M01/07 
 Ibercaja Sector Inmobiliario A FI147196.25.15-1.19%18.96M01/07 
 GVC Gaesco 1K + Renta Variable A FI0P0000.97.796-0.00%10.19M03/07 
 GVC Gaesco 1K + Renta Variable I FI0P0001.102.059-0.00%10.19M03/07 
 Atl Capital Cartera Renta Variable A FI0P0001.12.833-1.20%19.91M30/06 
 GPM Gestión Activa International Capital FI0P0001.8.321-0.59%667.36K29/06 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PriorNilsson Realinvest ALP6824.3,742.700-2.24%2.73B04/07 
 PriorNilsson Realinvest BLP6824.3,449.930-2.24%8.43M04/07 
 Handelsbanken EMEA Tema (A1 SEK)0P0000.396.110+0.22%1.04B04/07 
 Handelsbanken EMEA Tema (A1 NOK)0P0001.378.230-0.51%1B04/07 
 ODIN Bærekraft A SEK0P0001.86.450+1.47%759.02M01/07 
 ODIN Bærekraft B SEK0P0001.86.320+1.46%759.02M01/07 
 ODIN Bærekraft C SEK0P0001.86.050+1.46%759.02M01/07 
 ODIN Bærekraft D SEK0P0001.86.420+1.46%759.02M01/07 
 ODIN Bærekraft F SEK0P0001.86.300+1.46%759.02M01/07 
 Handelsbanken EMEA Tema (A1 EUR)0P0001.36.760+0.11%99.54M04/07 

Switzerland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Argos Funds Argonaut A CHF0P0000.285.250-0.02%293.56M04/07 
 RAM Lux Systematic Funds - European Equities N0P0000.397.670-0.47%232.42M01/07 
 UBS Lux Equity SICAV - European High Dividend EUR 0P0000.114.910+0.61%214.12M04/07 

Taiwan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 FSITC Global Trends0P0000.28.940+0.45%364.94M01/07 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Janus Henderson Horizon Euroland Fund H2 HGBP0P0001.15.780+0.77%1.34M04/07 
 Legg Mason IF Japan Equity Class X Acc Hedged0P0000.3.441+1.74%561.7M04/07 
 JPM Global Equity Income Fund C - GBP Hedged Net I0P0000.1.799-0.33%295.77M01/07 
 JPM Global Equity Income Fund C - GBP Hedged Net A0P0000.2.521-0.28%295.77M01/07 
 Fidelity Funds - Emerging Europe, Middle East and 0P0000.13.420+0.68%4.53M04/07 
 CFIC Loudwater R GBP Accumulation0P0001.2.65+0.99%82.72M04/07 
 CFIC Loudwater A GBP Accumulation0P0001.2.51+0.99%82.72M04/07 
 CFIC Loudwater A GBP Income0P0001.1.60+0.99%82.72M04/07 
 CFIC Loudwater B GBP Accumulation0P0001.2.76+1.00%82.72M04/07 
 CFIC Loudwater B GBP Income0P0001.1.69+0.99%82.72M04/07 
 Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East and Africa Fu0P0000.1.52-0.07%42.29M04/07 
 Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East and Africa Ac0P0000.1.270.00%8.24M04/07 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Emerging Europe, M0P0000.56.920-0.92%48.47M04/07 
 Coutts Multi Asset UK Equity Growth Fund A GBP Acc0P0000.1.767+0.62%01/07 
 Coutts Multi Asset UK Equity Growth Fund A GBP Dis0P0000.1.713+0.62%01/07 

Vietnam - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Manulife Progressive Fund0P0000.10,100.0000%04/07 
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