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Bermuda - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Butterfield Bermuda ALP6000.44.940-1.04%23.84M19/06 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Agipi Immobilier0P0001.133.340+0.21%198.18M21/06 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Bremenkapital Zertifikate0P0000.40.340+0.25%77.57M24/06 
 Deka-PB Defensiv0P0000.114.960-0.11%72.5M24/06 
 Deka-DeepDiscount 2y0P0000.140.790+0.03%21.97M24/06 
 Deka-DeepDiscount 2y (III)0P0000.147.100+0.03%16.1M24/06 
 FFPB Substanz0P0000.6.8100%7.61M24/06 

Greece - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 3K Balanced Fund (Retail Share Class)0P0001.6.276-0.00%4.75M29/03 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mercer Global Dynamic Multi Asset Fund A4 0.1000 J0P0001.12,064.370+0.01%7.87B21/06 
 Mediolanum Best Brands Financial Income Strategy L0P0001.6.869+0.06%1.44B20/06 
 Mercer Investment Fund 4 Class M-2ֲ£ Acc0P0001.82.830-0.18%730.54M21/06 
 Mercer Investment Fund 3 M-2ֲ£0P0001.97.720-0.14%580.47M21/06 
 Trojan Feeder Fund (Ireland) O SGD Acc0P0001.1.699-0.33%561.58M24/06 
 Mercer Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class A11-H-00P0001.107.100-0.17%746.9M21/06 
 Mercer Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class A15-H-00P0001.106.190-0.17%746.9M21/06 
 Mercer Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class A11-H-00P0001.112.530-0.16%746.9M21/06 
 Mercer Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class A17-H-00P0001.105.290-0.17%746.9M21/06 
 Mercer Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class A15-H-00P0001.111.410-0.16%746.9M21/06 
 Mercer Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class A20-H-00P0001.109.130-0.16%746.9M21/06 
 Mercer Investment Fund 15 Class M-1 SGD0P0001.94.241-0.04%464.94M26/01 
 Mercer Investment Fund 7 M-4ֲ£ Acc0P0001.17.080-0.29%659.87M21/06 
 Mercer QIF CCF - Mercer Investment Fund 19 A1-0.330P0001.84.920+0.13%373.5M21/06 
 Mercer Synthetic Equity-Linked Nominal Bond Fund M0P0001.81.600-0.57%37M21/06 
 FAM Sustainable Target 20220P0001.119.830+0.16%30.94M21/06 
 FAM MegaTrends Target 2022 II Class L EUR Accumula0P0001.100.449+0.20%32.32M21/06 
 Mercer Synthetic Equity-Linked Nominal Bond Fund M0P0001.64.060-0.57%37M21/06 
 FAM MegaTrends Target 20250P0001.102.266+0.18%22.64M21/06 
 Mercer Synthetic Equity-Linked Real Bond Fund Clas0P0001.70.760-0.53%155.71M21/06 

Israel - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Yelin Lapidot 90/10 Overseas0P0001.126.410+0.21%590.62M20/06 
 Meitav 90/10 Glbl Portf Forex Protectd!0P0001.121.660-0.11%308.61M20/06 
 More 90/10 Global Portfolio0P0001.124.870+0.17%231.93M20/06 
 Tamir Fishman Global Bond Floating Rate0P0001.121.930+0.21%127.01M20/06 
 Excellence Global Bond Forex Hedged0P0001.105.3-0.09%105.82M20/06 
 Yelin Lapidot 90/10Glbl Bd Prtf Frx Pctd0P0001.110.840+0.11%28.65M20/06 
 Azimuth Investments0P0000.165.460-1.27%27.49M20/06 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Eurizon Global Leaders ESG 50 Luglio 2026 D0P0001.4.957-0.04%590.33M21/06 
 Anima Investimento Clean Energy 20260P0001.4.808-0.06%566.49M21/06 
 Anima Investimento Cyber Security & Big Data 20270P0001.5.234+0.36%471.7M21/06 
 Anima Investimento AgriTech 20260P0001.4.668+0.24%452.89M21/06 
 BancoPosta Orizzonte Reddito D0P0001.4.944+0.08%341.32M21/06 
 BancoPosta Orizzonte Reddito A0P0001.5.452+0.07%341.32M21/06 
 Arca Multi-Strategy Prudente 2026 V F0P0001.4.786+0.02%233.56M21/06 
 Anima Investimento Robotica&Intelligenza Artificia0P0001.5.010+0.32%225.28M21/06 
 Arca Opportunità Green 2026 R0P0001.4.864-0.10%209.15M21/06 
 Eurizon Global Trends 40 - Dicembre 20240P0001.5.387-0.13%199.66M21/06 
 Arca Opportunità Green 2026 II R0P0001.4.819-0.10%164.28M21/06 
 Euromobiliare Progetto 2021 Atto II A0P0001.5.710+0.04%141.27M21/06 
 Eurizon Global Dividend ESG 50 - Luglio 2025 A0P0001.5.276-0.02%126.06M21/06 
 Amundi Accumulazione Digital & Cyber Security 20260P0001.5.3950%120.99M21/06 
 Arca Opportunitֳ  Sostenibili 2025 IV R0P0001.4.923-0.10%119.68M21/06 
 Amundi Accumulazione Trends & LifeStyle 20260P0001.4.841-0.10%104.25M21/06 
 BancoPosta Focus Rilancio 20260P0001.4.861-0.10%100.88M21/06 
 Anima Patrimonio Globale & Clean Energy 20240P0001.4.937+0.24%95.41M21/06 
 Amundi Accumulazione ESG Leaders&Improvers 20260P0001.5.020-0.06%88.56M21/06 
 Eurizon Recovery Leaders ESG 40 Dicembre 2025 A0P0001.5.180+0.04%86.91M21/06 

Japan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Schroder Selection Euro Series Euro Balanced JPY A0P0000.2,023.468+0.05%21.12M24/06 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Funds Global Multi Asset Income Fund A 0P0001.4,257.000+0.28%8.8B24/06 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Dynamic Mu0P0001.44,794.470-0.09%2.39B24/06 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund Allianz Income and0P0000.6.947+0.29%48.74B24/06 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund Allianz Income and0P0001.10.763+0.30%48.74B24/06 
 Fidelity Funds Global Multi Asset Income Fund A 0P0001.1,156.000+0.35%961.11M24/06 
 JPMorgan Investment Funds Global Income Fund A (0P0001.7.230+0.14%16.8B24/06 
 JPMorgan Investment Funds Global Income Fund C (0P0001.8.210+0.12%16.8B24/06 
 BlackRock Global Funds Global Allocation Fund A20P0001.174.640+0.41%259.23M24/06 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Income and0P0000.7.633+0.29%48.74B24/06 
 NN (L) First Class Multi Asset I Dis(HY) JPY (he0P0001.9,083.660-0.14%355.08M24/06 
 UBS (Lux) Strategy Fund Growth (USD) (JPY hedged0P0001.13,246.000-0.28%324.74M21/06 
 JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Income Fund A (0P0000.13.980+0.22%16.8B24/06 
 AB FCP I All Market Income Portfolio AD ZAR H In0P0001.57.000+0.02%1.27B24/06 
 Fidelity Funds - Global Multi Asset Income Fund A-0P0001.0.773+0.39%389.01M24/06 
 JPMorgan Funds Asia Pacific Income Fund A (irc) 0P0001.8.730-0.23%1.39B24/06 
 JPMorgan Funds Asia Pacific Income Fund C (irc) 0P0001.9.400-0.21%1.39B24/06 
 Invesco Funds Invesco Pan European High Income F0P0001.8.420+0.12%458.5K24/06 
 Invesco Funds Invesco Pan European High Income F0P0001.8.1900%3.78M24/06 
 Invesco Funds Invesco Pan European High Income F0P0001.8.6700.00%902.92K24/06 
 First Eagle Amundi International Fund Class AHS QD0P0000.105.020-0.27%5.58B21/06 

Malta - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 APS Income Fund AccumulationLP6827.175.575+0.08%60.84M21/06 
 APS Income Fund DistributionLP6827.108.594+0.08%60.84M21/06 

Philippines - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Bpi Balanced Fund0P0000.166.460+0.89%4.61B24/06 
 Alfm Growth Fund0P0000.208.390+2.06%4.02B24/06 
 Metro Capital Growth Fund0P0000.3.204-1.40%1B21/06 
 Unionbank Peso Balanced Portfolio0P0001.138.573-1.47%136.96M21/06 
 Bdo Balanced Fund0P0000.3,412.627+1.01%24/06 
 Odyssey Diversified Balanced Fund0P0000.198.320+0.85%24/06 
 Sun Life Of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund A0P0000.3.579-0.68%29/10 
 First Metro Save And Learn Balanced Fund0P0000.2.650-0.97%02/11 
 Rizal Balanced Fund0P0000.2.032+1.07%24/06 
 Mfcp Kabuhayan Fund0P0000.2.221-0.51%02/11 
 Pami Horizon Fund0P0000.3.689-0.80%02/11 
 Philam Fund0P0000.16.524-0.79%02/11 
 Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund A0P0000.3.951-0.74%23/02 
 Pnb Mabuhay Prestige0P0000.1.386+0.68%24/06 
 Odyssey Diversified Capital Fund0P0000.189.610+0.47%24/06 

Poland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Pioneer SFIO Elastycznego Inwestowania0P0000.15.010-0.07%581.7M21/12 
 Pekao Zrównoważony Rynku Amerykańskiego0P0000.68.770-0.26%188.95M21/12 
 MetLife Akcji Europy Srodkowej i Wschodniej A0P0000.10.510-0.19%47.37M11/10 
 MetLife Akcji Europy Srodkowej i Wschodniej I0P0000.10.520-0.09%47.37M11/10 
 Amplico Sub Akcji Nowa Europa A0P0000.7.420+0.27%40.15M11/10 
 Amplico Sub Malych Spólek A0P0000.10.400-0.38%24.43M11/10 
 Amplico Sub Zrównowazony Azjatycki A0P0000.11.700-1.68%3.77M11/10 
 Arka Platinum Stabilny0P0000.71.520-0.29%24/02 
 Amplico FIO Aktywnej Alokacji A0P0000.8.040-0.37%11/10 
 Amplico FIO Aktywnej Alokacji I0P0000.8.040-0.50%11/10 

Portugal - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BPI Brasil - Fundo de Investimento Aberto Flexֳ­ve0P0000.9.741+0.09%12.13M21/06 

South Africa - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Discovery Target Retirement 2040 Fund A0P0000.2.223+0.61%2.1B24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2035 Fund A0P0000.2.317+0.57%1.97B24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2045 Fund A0P0000.2.246+0.65%1.79B24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2030 Fund A0P0000.2.295+0.47%1.55B24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2050 Fund A0P0001.1.440+0.70%1.29B24/06 
 Citadel SA Protected Equity H4 Fund B10P0001.13.631+0.56%811.88M24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2025 Fund A0P0000.2.296+0.40%939.56M24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2020 Fund A0P0000.2.223+0.36%309M24/06 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2015 Fund B0P0000.1.958+0.25%104.42M27/10 
 Discovery Target Retirement 2015 Fund A0P0000.2.199+0.28%58.14M24/06 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 GESPRISA INVERSIONES, SICAV, SA0P0000.35.498-0.76%1.45B21/06 
 SOIXA, SICAV, SA0P0000.162.458+0.84%487.21M20/06 
 RENTABILIDAD 2009, SICAV, SA0P0000.35.569-0.50%167.18M21/06 
 GUNToN DE INVERSIONES SICAV, SA0P0000.20.088+0.29%152.37M20/06 
 ALTAIS INVEST SICAV SA0P0000.14.7420%145.44M18/10 
 BOYSEP INVESTMENT SICAV SA0P0000.20.059+0.80%137.27M20/06 
 DP Fonseleccion FI0P0000.3.864+0.16%132.04M20/06 
 INVERSIONES ECHEMU, SICAV, SA0P0000.28.359+0.63%126.22M20/06 
 INVERSIONES NAIRA, SICAV, SA0P0000.2.815+0.28%125.13M20/06 
 MANFREHASQUE SICAV SA0P0000.62.316+6.70%116.58M31/05 
 1948 INVERSIONS, SICAV SA0P0000.39.902-0.49%109.82M21/06 
 AZKARAN INVERSIONES, SICAV, SA0P0000.1.057-0.02%102.77M29/09 
 PLATINO FINANCIERA SICAV SA0P0000.1.353+0.18%93.43M20/06 
 RHO INVESTMENTS, SIL, SA0P0000.40.261-0.42%90.13M21/06 
 CARFY, SICAV SA0P0000.99.492-0.27%88.86M21/06 
 CARTERA KEFREN, SICAV, SA0P0000.1.952+2.39%87.87M07/07 
 INVERSIONES TEIDE, SA SICAV0P0000.35.198+0.56%85.57M20/06 
 HERCASOL, SA, SICAV0P0000.25.108-0.26%85.33M19/06 
 EURO 21 DE INVERSIONES SICAV SA0P0000.8.255+0.31%81.55M20/06 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 VT RM Alternative Income Fund Retail GBP Accumulat0P0001.1.194+0.65%176.12M24/06 
 VT RM Alternative Income Fund Institutional GBP In0P0001.0.879+0.65%176.12M24/06 
 The Windrush Inc0P0000.22.88-0.32%13.13M14/06 
 CF Buxton Acc0P0000.41.45+0.76%11.14M19/06 
 CF Buxton Inc0P0000.29.49+0.09%11.14M19/06 
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