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Philippines - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Metrofund Starter Fund0P0000.1.8400%76.87B12/04 
 Bpi Short Term Fund0P0000.167.270+0.01%62.11B16/04 
 Bpi Institutional Fund0P0000.283.260+0.01%43.05B16/04 
 Alfm Peso Bond Fund0P0000.392.660-0.04%36B16/04 
 Alfm Money Market Fund0P0000.138.130-0.02%25.89B16/04 
 Abf Philippines Bond Index Fund0P0000.260.390-0.17%16.81B15/04 
 Bpi Premium Bond Fund0P0000.204.510+0.02%4.17B16/04 
 Unionbank Philippine Peso Fixed Income Portfolio0P0000.319.240-0.26%1.74B12/04 
 Metrofund Peak Earner Fund0P0000.2.165-0.22%1.48B12/04 
 Metrofund Elite Fund0P0000.2.204-0.19%688.74M12/04 
 Bpi Global Philippine Fund0P0000.332.240+0.02%577.26M16/04 
 Alfm Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.498.320-0.06%226.81M16/04 
 Metro Dollar Short Term Fund0P0000.1.4310%57.67M12/04 
 Bpi Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund0P0000.231.410-0.68%33M16/04 
 Metrodollar Philippine Bond Fund0P0000.2.117-0.04%22.75M12/04 
 Bpi Lnternational Fund Plus0P0000.174.620-0.55%18.53M15/04 
 Alfm Euro Bond Fund0P0000.214.740-0.07%15.39M16/04 
 Unionbank Dollar Bond Portfolio0P0000.2.404+0.17%6.26M12/04 
 Unionbank Tax Exempt Portfolio0P0000.270.801-0.24%2.55B12/04 
 Metrodollar Philippine Liquid Fund0P0000.1.823-0.04%1.85M12/04 
 Philam Managed Income Fund0P0000.1.3180%02/11 
 Sun Life Prosperity Gs Fund A0P0000.1.732+0.06%02/11 
 Infinity Peso Long Term Bond Fund0P0000.1,631.750-0.02%27/03 
 Rizal Dollar Money Market Fund0P0000.1.5000%15/04 
 Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund0P0000.1.9260%02/11 
 Sun Life Of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund A0P0000.3.192+0.07%02/11 
 Pnb Prime Dollar Money Market Fund0P0001.1.1760%16/04 
 Infinity Peso Money Market Fund0P0000.1,385.016+0.00%29/12 
 EPCIB US Dollar Fund0P0000.1.881-0.64%16/04 
 Pnb Mabuhay Prime0P0000.1.3250%16/04 
 Odyssey Philippine Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.30.350-0.75%16/04 
 Odyssey Peso Bond Fund0P0000.320.430-0.07%16/04 
 Atr-kim Eng Fixed Income Fund0P0000.1.664+0.51%02/11 
 Bdo $ Money Market Fund0P0000.152.552+0.01%16/04 
 Philam Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.2.489+0.05%02/11 
 Pnb Dollar Profit0P0000.1.530-0.08%16/04 
 First Metro Save And Learn Dollar Bond Fund0P0001.0.026-0.38%02/11 
 First Metro Save And Learn Fixed-income Fund0P0000.2.4230%02/11 
 Philequity Dollar Income Fund0P0000.0.062-0.26%02/11 
 Bdo Peso Bond Fund0P0000.2,375.826-0.27%16/04 
 Rizal Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.1.700-0.22%15/04 
 Ewbc Peso Maximizer0P0000.2,208.664+0.02%27/03 
 Philam Bond Fund0P0000.4.4090%02/11 
 Pami Global Bond Fund0P0000.1.023+0.28%02/11 
 Odyssey Peso Income Fund0P0000.148.550-0.09%16/04 
 Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund A0P0000.2.678-0.59%23/02 
 Ewbc Dollar Maximizer0P0000.145.096+0.04%27/03 
 Rizal Peso Bond Fund0P0000.2.237-0.20%15/04 
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