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France - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 20.06 Bonduelle 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.080.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 24.01 VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENTFRBNPP.0.380.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1939 USD AMAZON 31Dec99FRBNPP.12.740.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 2.14 EUR VALLOUREC 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.280.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 2.25 EUR VALLOUREC 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.300.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 2.72 EUR VALLOUREC 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.170.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 201.27 USD APPLE COMPUTERFRBNPP.0.060.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 22.73 ARCELORMITTAL 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.390.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 225.12 EUR LOREAL 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.310.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 226.55 USD APPLE COMPUTERFRBNPP.0.740.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 23.58 EUR AHOLD DEL 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.700.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 23.79 TECHNIPFMC 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.690.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 23164.42 FTSE MIB INDEXFRBNPP.0.460.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 237.27 EUR LOREAL 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.450.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 25.17 EUR PROXIMUS 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.140.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 190.79 USD FACEBOOK 31Dec99FRBNPP.3.920.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 25.91 VIVENDI UNIVERSAL SAFRBNPP.0.250.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 254.95 USD APPLE COMPUTERFRBNPP.0.270.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 257.18 EUR LOREAL 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.390.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 26.46 EUR AXA 31Dec99FRBNPP.6.170.00%004/02 

Italy - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP ZT 4.86 EUR Enel SpA 16Feb21NL2324.103.0000.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 129 Baidu Reptg 19Dec25NL3140.0.4550.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1365 Azimut Holding 19Dec25NL3140.2.6700.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1275 Azimut Holding 19Dec25NL3140.1.5600.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 106 Poste Italiane 18Dec20NL2668.0.4840.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 98 Poste Italiane 18Dec20NL2667.0.5350.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 998 Finmeccanica 19Dec25NL3141.1.6100.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 141 Baidu Reptg 19Dec25NL3140.0.7640.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 13.2 Unicredit SpA 19Dec25NL3034.0.5570.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 233 Intesa SanPaolo 19Dec25NL3033.0.0740.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 4.5 Pirelli C SpA 19Dec25NL3034.0.2250.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 1.7 Unicredit SpA 18Dec20NL1950.0.0940.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 22.6 Atlantia SpA 19Dec25NL3033.1.5550.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 37.8 Moncler SpA 19Dec25NL3141.4.6000.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1108 Ferrari NV 19Dec25NL3141.14.0900.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 5 Pirelli C SpA 19Dec25NL3034.0.2630.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 1465 Azimut Holding 19Dec25NL3033.1.1700.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 19 STMicro 19Dec25NL3034.1.0080.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 4.75 EUR Saipem SpA 19Dec25NL3141.0.8000.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 163 Popolare Socie 19Dec25NL3141.0.1120.00%004/02 

Netherlands - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 0.65 EUR PHARMING GROUP NVNL0013.0.0800.00%004/02 
 BNP Put AMAZON 31Dec99NL0013.0.8700.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 9.46 EUR ING 31Dec99NL0013.0.7800.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 9.48 EUR AIR FRANCE KLMNL0013.0.7500.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 933 EUR Brunel InternatNL0013.0.1400.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ABN AMRO Bank Long 20,688NL0013.1.4800.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ABN AMRO Bank Long 21,188NL0013.0.4500.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ABN AMRO Bank Long 21,687NL0013.0.1800.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ADYEN Long 526,66 31Dec99NL0013.20.2500.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ADYEN Long 556,65 31Dec99NL0013.0.4100.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ADYEN Long 586,63 31Dec99NL0013.0.4200.00%004/02 
 BNP Call ADYEN Long 616,6 31Dec99NL0013.0.4700.00%004/02 
 BNP Call AEGON NV Long 3,957NL0013.0.1800.00%004/02 
 BNP Call AEGON NV Long 4,209NL0013.0.0900.00%004/02 
 BNP Put AGEAS 31Dec99NL0013.1.0900.00%004/02 
 BNP Put APERAM 31Dec99NL0013.1.1200.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 9.2 EUR AIR FRANCE KLMNL0013.1.0500.00%004/02 
 BNP Put OCI NV 31Dec99NL0013.1.4200.00%004/02 
 BNP Put POSTNL 31Dec99NL0013.0.1400.00%004/02 
 BNP Put SOLVAY 31Dec99NL0013.0.3950.00%004/02 
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