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Germany - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 HV Call Solactive Diabetes PerformaDEHV54.70.640-1.90%0.31K14/02 
 BNP ZT HANG SENG 31Dec99DE6859.202.540-2.49%0.00K16:27:00 
 Bayerische Gold 31Dec99DEHV2X.14.98-0.47%015:45:00 
 GS ZT S P Global Timber Forestry TRDEGS0T.292.440+0.00%001/10 
 DZ Call Erdgas Quanto EndlosDEDZ2X.33.390-7.20%016:34:00 
 DZ Call Kupfer 31Dec99DEDZ2X.75.370-0.53%016:34:00 
 DZ Call Kupfer 31Dec99 EndlosDEDZ2X.87.750-0.60%016:34:00 
 DZ Call Kupfer Quanto EndlosDEDZ2X.75.550-0.53%016:34:00 
 EFG Call Solactive Cloud Computin PDEEFG5.498.840-0.85%016:30:00 
 EFG Call Solactive LED PerformanceDEEFG0.232.620+0.00%016/11 
 GS Call DAXplus Export Strategy PeDEGS29.62.580-0.75%016:29:00 
 GS Call EURO STOXX Banks 31Dec99DEGS9P.7.790+0.00%001/10 
 GS Call ISHARES A50 Index 31Dec99DEGS3P.15.9500.00%005/02 
 GS GSCI Natural Gas Index TRDEGS14.12.880-3.01%016:23:00 
 HSBC Call 3417.4547 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE9638.110.310-0.76%016:50:00 
 HSBC Call 1974.8545 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE9606.127.540-0.65%016:50:00 
 DZ Call Erdgas 31Dec99DEDZ2X.41.670-5.57%016:34:00 
 HV Call DAXglobal China Short TRDEHV5J.7.6800.00%028/01 
 HV Call DivDAX Kursindex 31Dec99DEHV0E.18.230-0.22%016:45:00 
 HV Call DivDAX Performance IndexDEHV0E.40.690-0.49%015:27:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Allgemeine MascDEHV5C.115.040-0.41%015:38:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeiDEHV5C.34.480-0.86%016:49:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitDEHV3F.24.210-0.41%015:34:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Auto und ZuliefDEHV5C.41.610-0.72%015:46:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Bau und ImmobilDEHV5C.40.220-0.49%015:46:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Chemie und PharDEHV5C.24.150-0.54%015:46:00 
 DZ Call Erdgas 31Dec99 EndlosDEDZ2X.33.180-7.24%016:34:00 
 DZ Call BrentOel 31Dec99 EndlosDEDZ2X.72.660-0.85%016:34:00 
 DZ Call BrentOel Quanto EndlosDEDZ2X.61.220-0.86%016:34:00 
 BNP ZT RBS ZAR TR Index 31Dec99DE9185.122.070-0.51%016:20:00 
 BNP KOSPI 200 Index 31Dec99DE5715.244.520+0.00%028/01 
 BNP ZT BNP Vietnam Price ReturnDEAA0K.21.990+0.27%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAX 31Dec99DE7689.31.560-0.57%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAXGlobal Agribusiness PriceDEAA0K.85.740-0.46%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAXplus MV Germany TRDEAA0K.67.440-0.28%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT MSCI Daily TR Net EM IndonesDEAA12.144.630-0.45%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS AUD TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.194.660-0.48%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS CHF TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.153.040-0.14%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS HUF TR Index 31Dec99DE9186.119.300-0.34%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS TRY TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.50.460-0.26%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS Vietnam II TR IndexDEAA01.65.200+0.20%016:20:00 
 BNP ZT RICI Energy ER 31Dec99DEAA0Q.77.850-1.36%016:20:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter IT und ElektronDEHV5C.76.470-0.52%015:53:00 
 CB Call 1713 Tecdax Endlos 31Dec99DECE5U.8.370+0.00%002/12 
 CB Call 1804 XETRA Tecdax PerformanDECE6S.7.450+0.00%002/12 
 CB Call Faktor 15x Short SCHATZFDECZ33.45.8400.00%030/06 
 CB Call MSCI WORLD INDEX 31Dec99DE5906.25.430-0.86%016:45:00 
 CB Call NASDAQ 100 31Dec99DECK3Q.113.5700.00%001/11 
 CB Call STOXX Europe 600 BanksDECK74.35.4600.00%001/11 
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