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Germany - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP ZT RBS TRY TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.60.370-5.67%0.02K02:20:00 
 BNP Call Chile Inter 10 IndexDEAA0C.30.300-3.19%002:20:00 
 BNP DJ Stoxx 600 Cyclical Goods SerDE8274.20.500-3.30%002:20:00 
 BNP DAXplus Maximum Sharpe Ger TRDEAA0K.95.510-1.69%002:20:00 
 BNP Call RBS Generic Drugs TR IndexDEABN9.233.700-2.88%002:20:00 
 BNP Call MSCI New Zealand 31Dec99DEAA20.50.860+1.09%001:20:00 
 BNP Call MSCI Colombia 31Dec99DEAA2R.32.240+1.99%002:20:00 
 BNP Call MSCI Chile Net TR USDDEAA2R.21.230-0.47%004:45:00 
 BNP Call CECE Composite EuroDEABN0.16.460+0.24%002:20:00 
 BNP Paribas ZT MSCI Russia 31Dec99DEBN2R.86.960+3.50%002:20:00 
 BNP Call CASE 30 31Dec99DEABN1.62.420+3.34%002:20:00 
 BNP Call 466.07 NYSE Arca BiotechnoDE1674.425.580-3.61%002:20:00 
 BNP Call 2730 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE7217.118.940-1.93%004:50:00 
 BNP Call 2457 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE7217.122.150-1.89%004:50:00 
 BNP Call 2260.19 China EnterprisesDE3426.110.550-2.05%002:20:00 
 Bayerische DJ UBS Crude Oil 3M TRDEHV5B.52.5800.00%004/02 
 BNP KOSPI 200 Index 31Dec99DE5715.276.440-1.42%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAX 31Dec99DE7689.38.400+0.31%000:20:00 
 BNP ZT BNP Vietnam Price ReturnDEAA0K.27.540-0.04%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS HUF TR Index 31Dec99DE9186.117.000+0.88%002:20:00 
 CB Call 16601 JPY NIKKEI 225DECE54.2.0500.00%010/03 
 CB Call 16401 JPY NIKKEI 225DECE54.2.9300.00%010/03 
 CB Call 16001 JPY NIKKEI 225DECE54.36.6300.00%028/02 
 BNP ZT RICI Energy ER 31Dec99DEAA0Q.50.960-6.97%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS ZAR TR Index 31Dec99DE9185.121.280+0.92%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS Vietnam II TR IndexDEAA01.80.800-0.07%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT RBS CHF TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.148.050+0.18%002:20:00 
 Bayerische DAX Index 0.01 31Dec99DEHV72.150.920-1.54%004:52:00 
 BNP ZT RBS AUD TR Index 31Dec99DE9187.185.210-0.81%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT MSCI Daily TR Net EM IndonesDEAA12.128.250-2.32%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT HANG SENG 31Dec99DE6859.215.900-1.35%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAXplus MV Germany TRDEAA0K.75.020-1.70%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAXplus Minimum Variance PRDEAA0K.44.5800.00%031/08 
 BNP ZT DAXGlobal Russia RUB PRDEABN9.46.200-1.03%002:20:00 
 BNP ZT DAXGlobal Agribusiness PriceDEAA0K.73.120-2.35%002:20:00 
 Bayerische DAX Index 31Dec99DEHY1Y.15,152.990-0.83%004:52:00 
 ING Call 19.6139 JPY EUR/JPYDENG16.81.8100.00%029/07 
 CB Call 16753 JPY NIKKEI 225DECE4S.4.4000.00%004/02 
 Vontobel Call 31.1 EUR UnileverDEVZ8J.1.580-7.06%004:45:00 
 CB Call 10.2429 ZAR USD/ZARDECE8N.7.5200.00%004/02 
 CB Call 0.5758 AUD/USD 31Dec99DECE6M.0.2000.00%028/02 
 BNP Put EUR/USD 31Dec99DEAA0X.47.3900.00%020/04 
 BNP Call ZAR USD/ZARDEAA0K.3.180-3.34%004:45:00 
 Vontobel S-BOX Smart Grid Pe31Dec99DEVT0D.330.700-0.96%004:45:00 
 Vontobel Call 31.8 EUR UnileverDEVZ8G.1.530-7.27%004:45:00 
 Vontobel Call 30.7 EUR UnileverDEVZ71.1.650-6.78%004:45:00 
 CB Call 11.4522 ZAR EUR/ZARDECE7D.0.3200.00%004/02 
 Vontobel Call 29.2 EUR UnileverDEVZ71.1.810-6.22%004:45:00 
 Vontobel Call 28.8 EUR UnileverDEVZ64.1.910-5.91%004:45:00 
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