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Cryptocurrency Opinion & Analysis

Ulrik Lykke
Bitcoin to Hit $120,000 by Late 2024? By Ulrik Lykke - Jul 14, 2023

Bitcoin is still hovering above $30,000, and although it experienced a slight pump on the CPI release update, the momentum was short-lived. But what's more interesting is a recent price projection by...

Soul Dr.
Bitcoin: Can It Reach $42000+? By Soul Dr. - Jun 30, 2023

Last week, see here, we found using the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP), Bitcoin (BTC) made an almost picture-perfect Fibonacci-based impulse pattern on several wave degrees, and we were looking...

Ulrik Lykke
Bitcoin: Will the Resilient Rally Continue? By Ulrik Lykke - Jun 23, 2023

Global markets, led by US equities, experienced a slight decline this week, wiping out the gains from the previous week. This drop came after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's recent semi-annual...

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