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Kathy Lien

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Kathy Lien's Comment & Analysis
A complete archive of Kathy Lien's articles, including current analysis & opinion.

Warning! It may not happen but you need to beware of potential Japanese Yen Intervention risk on June 19. Here's why: 1. Juneteeth US holiday 2. USD/JPY takes out 158 3. Weaker US data and lower US...
Here's the rundown for today's FOMC meeting and the 4 things to watch. No rate change does not mean no volatility for forex, stocks + gold 2pm ET - Fed Rate decision, Dot Plot, Economic...
Here are the 3 Reasons why European Election Results were So BAD for EURO and the European markets
Sell in May and go away didn't work in 2024. Lets take a look at June seasonality and how it affects stocks, gold and the US Dollar
In this video, I go through essential tips that all beginner traders need to know about one of the most popular trading instruments  
In this video, I talk about the Top 5 Fears that keep traders awake at night
Maximize your hustle - 4 reasons why trading is a great side hustle for that extra income!
Ahead of the US CPI & Retail Sales report, I breakdown how to combine forex fundamentals with technicals to determine whether we've seen a US dollar top
Understanding how currencies move against each other will help you select the best trades and manage your trading risk appropriately
Japan Intervenes in the Yen for the first time since November 2022Will it work? Have we seen a top in USD/JPY? Let's go through the charts