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In this video, we'll delve into the US government's debt crisis and the nail-biting suspense of Congress waiting until the last possible moment to act. I discuss the two biggest risks to the financial...
Knowing what is priced in for Fed rate hikes or cuts is essential to understanding market movements. This video shows where to find changes in interest rate expectations and how to interpret the...
99% of all energy in trading is spent on trying to figure out the “how” to get into the trade. Your trading strategy is doomed to fail if you don't understand 2 very important things.
Straight from the playbook of Logan Roy's kids. Good for XAU/USD?
Learn 4 essential tips that can make the difference between profits and losses
The first 2 weeks of April are the hardest to trade. Find out why and tips on how to improve your chance of profits.
Daylight Savings is bad for your health and bad for trading. Here are 3 ways DST affects trading. 
On International Women's Day, here's why I believe women are better traders than men:
What Trading Lessons can you Learn from the Super Bowl?
In the following video, I explain what I believe to be the 3 most important things to know about the global macro outlook in February.